Miyakojima southern coast Waiwai Beach

Snorkeling/Skin diving

Check in and Change Clothes

After fill in the declaration note and change the clothe, let's move to the activity spot in 1 min walking distance.

Course Instruction and Souvenir Photo

After the course instruction, take the souvenir at the beach side.

Let's Find the Sea Turtle

Let's go and find the wild sea turtle. If you are lucky enough, you may find 10 or more of them!

Find the Wild Sea Turtle!

Instructor will lead you to find the sea turtles. Sometimes it difficult to tell the difference between sea turtles and rocks in the ocean form the surface.

Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles are the most common sea turtle around Waiwai Beach. Some of them are familiar with human, we can can watch their ecology up close

Hawksbill sea turtle

Hawksbill sea turtle is a very rare turtle! The upper jaw was sharply curved and shaped like an eagle's beak. It's very lucky to see them!

Elementary School Student Can Join

With proper gears and lecture from our instructor, even children can experience the course!

Skin Diving with Ssea Turtle

Join the Experience Skin Diving Course, you can swim with the sea turtle!

Sea Turtle Encounter Rate: 100%

Let's protect this sea area suitable for sea turtles that we still can encounter sea turtle every single time!

<Course Introduction>

Not only snorkeling, instructor will take precious photo during course time. Especially video shooting, can reserve the beautiful memories for you.

Skin diving course can let you to experience the same line of sight as sea turtle.


<Activity Spot>

・Miyakojima Southern Coast Waiwai Beach


 <Activity Itinerary>


・Snorkeling Lecture

・Sea Turtle Snorkeling (Eco Guide)

・Photo shotting with Sea turtle (Photo, Video)

・Recoveing Coral Tour

・Activity Photo check


<Activity Fee>


For Each Participant JPY 7,700 / 2 hours (with lecture)

・Skin diving

For Each Participant JPY 9,900 / 2 hours (with lecture)


<The following fees are included>

Fare (equipment, tour fee), free tea, insurance


<Content need to be prepare by customers>

Pre-ware swimming suit, bath towels, beach shoes, sunscreen and so on